• i want them to know with all of my heart
    i want them to realise i have problems and i need there help

    but never will i tell them
    for although a problem shared is a problem halfed
    the half needs to go somewhere

    and never again will i let that half
    be burdened by my friends
    never again will i let
    my pain,pain them with all my heart i swear this
    i will never let them know
    with all my heart this will stay

    the pain im trapped in
    the pain i breath
    the pain that engulfs me
    with sorrow and regret
    as my only company

    without the words of kind friends
    to change the sorrow and regret
    and to give it to themselves

    they will save me if they can
    but you cant be saved unless you let yourself be saved
    for never will i let what is left of me be saved
    they will take my pain and sorrow and put it opon themselves
    there pain and sorrow will always plaque me

    the friend that knows must regret it
    as do i regret it
    i will save myself on my own for them

    by srd sakura