• Sweet innocent lips
    That long to win
    They part fo you
    When you brush up against my skin
    Behind my teeth
    My tongue aches to play the game
    And through your lustful smile
    I see you feel the same
    You put your hands on my hips
    I see your eyes taking in my body's outline
    You start to breath heavier
    As you press your body to mine
    I wrap my arms around your neck
    And look into your eyes
    You run a hand down my back
    I let out a soft longing sigh
    You shift so your pelvis is up against mine
    Other than our breathing there is silence
    My lips tremble just inches from yours
    And with one quick movement you close the distance
    We hold on to each other
    As our fiery eyes close
    Moving our lips and tongues as one
    While something new inside me grows
    After what seems like eternity
    But not long enough
    You start to gently kiss my skin
    While my eyes remain shut
    I hold on to you
    While your hands freely roam
    You tenderly kiss my throat
    And oh how I wish I didn't have to go
    You press hard against me once more
    Kissing me roughly
    I don't want to go yet
    But I must and you end it sweetly
    For hours my head is swimming
    My heart flutters and pounds
    You call and say you can't wait for tomorrow
    I tell you I don't care who's around
    As you whisper into the phone
    Shivers run down my spine
    I long for your embrace
    And those kisses that are all mine