• I need someone to save me
    From this place they tell me is home
    Free me of these shackles
    Allow my mind and body to roam
    Cut my ties
    From all I know
    Let me see things
    They would never show
    Take away this pain
    Liberate my heart
    Put back together
    All the little parts
    Unbind my hands and feet
    And let me run away
    Take the gag out of my mouth
    So what's in my head I can finally say
    Remove the blindfold from my eyes
    Take away the darkness
    So I can see the world
    That for so long has been colorless
    Free me from their clingng arms
    Take me into yours
    Locked away for so long
    There are multitudes of pleasure you can help me explore
    Save me from this place
    We'll run away together
    Never look back at this prison
    My dearest savior I'll be indebted to forever