• tonight i could be your unlogical genius
    let me be
    i know i can take you away from here
    or at least try
    anything is better than sitting there crumbling
    struggling to figure
    out this reality + our star-crossed co-existence
    our pieces do fit
    i'm so concern of this puzzling heartache
    let me take care
    of the meanwhile + tomorrow days
    from this actuality of worldful truths
    just hold tight
    my arms could be all the knowledge you need
    we know the way
    think of how our happiness could be enough
    to get us through
    it could be the oddest story that should never be
    a mockery
    of how two fools chose clueless make believe
    or maybe
    we could live as if we would never need to dream

    102-22-008|deWayne jamar brown