• she rustles in her sleep,
    little arms stretching,
    tiny fists like flower buds
    disappearing in snowy sleeves,
    suddenly bursting
    into delicate flower hands
    the color of peonies.

    her face contorts,
    button nose wrinkling
    pudgy cheeks squishing
    like overripe peaches,
    a theatreful of clownish expressions
    until, at last,
    she is calm,
    and her eyes
    as if an angel eased open the lids
    with her cool, ivory hand.

    she glances about
    going cross-eyed, trying to focus
    eyes deep, inky blue
    pupils barely visible
    in the swelling almond-shaped droplets
    shimmering, swimming on her
    round, cherub face.

    she stirs,
    out of the blue,
    a bleating, squeaking cry
    from her balmy red mouth,
    her skin flushes,
    her whole body jolts
    with each heaving sob.

    two pairs of hands
    reach out to her
    to change her diaper,
    to wrap her wriggling body
    like a little burrita
    in a snug blanket
    gently creased
    like mountain laurel blossoms,
    to hold her, bounce her,
    smooth her feathery hair
    until, at last,
    she is calm,
    and her eyes
    against her mama’s warm breast.