• I look pathetic
    Lying on the floor
    When all I want to do is run out the door
    I can't move my legs
    I can't stop the tears
    My mind can only focus on fears
    I need to be with him
    Feel his arms around me
    The idea only hurts
    As I think about he flirts
    With death
    I look pathetic
    As I stare out in space
    Wanting to leave without a trace
    My arms won't push me up
    And I feel stuck
    What's holding me back?
    Maybe it's luck
    His luck
    Only then do I realize
    It's not luck it's love
    His love sent to me as a little black dove
    I look pathetic
    Lying on the floor
    wanting only to run out the door
    But this little black dove
    Filled with all his love
    Weighs me down
    And won't let me fly above