• Spotlight

    The sleek and noble stage,
    My grounds of endless play.
    In the dark starlight nights,
    A wood land of props,
    The scenes of the land mirrored
    In replicas of paper and plastic.

    Deep maroon blankets
    Flow like moon beams,
    Across the scene,
    Obstructing the view of my dream.
    They kink and wrinkle as movement fringes
    Its edges; a wash of dancing burgundy.

    Another intruder prances across,
    Appearing through the parting claret.
    Lithe and straggly he stumbles like a young colt.
    Vibrant midnight tassels
    Are braided down his back,
    Tightly bound leather and cloth decked in gold
    Fringing beads and yarn hugs him warmly.

    A thick facade of make-up
    Embezzles his shadowy skin crafting
    A porcelain proxy.
    Splendor still shines from his choking pores.
    He is my lead and I will forever make him shine.

    My haunting eyes follow his movements.
    Harmonic sounds escape his cherry lips,
    Silver-slashed blue irises glow merrily
    Against my opalescent gaze.
    His hands gesture in tumbling twirls,
    Bending the fingers dexterously.
    My attention caught to which he was referring.

    An endless number of neutral spots:
    Browns and blacks and reds and blonds.
    Circular blotches moving restlessly,
    Their hairs swaying with those gleaming colors.
    I dance in figure eights until,
    I return to my safe ground.

    When I return new strangers interrupt.
    Their masks hide disfigured personalities,
    Fake smiles and joyful grimaces.
    Why must they take my gaze away
    From the lead?
    These supporters fall feebly
    beneath his genius.

    Then the stale silence of an ending dream,
    Is cut short by a wave of applause.
    I dance among the actors,
    The props of an art.
    They leave; stars of my night,
    And I am forced to close my eyes.

    In my darkness I see my purpose.
    A mirage of stories beamed across
    A canvas of truths.
    For once I am the lead,
    For once I am in the spotlight.