• She wants you to know, she can't handle your lies.
    Everyday she tries and tries,
    Not to cry or show her sadness,
    But that is hard when she lacks happiness.
    Her sorrow is now anger though.
    It's hard to tell who's friend or foe.
    Deep down inside she thinks she can see,
    With which person she was meant to be,
    And now she has a reason to leave you.
    Trust me now, you'd do it too.
    If you were here then you would see,
    How hard it is for her to be happy.
    You better be quick to change your ways.
    Please don't wait to see if she stays,
    Cuz she will leave you, I know for sure.
    Leaving you is her sadness cure.
    She loves you dearily and wants you to know,
    You nees to find a way to show,
    Your love for her and want her to stay,
    Trust me please, I know there's a way.
    Relationships are built on truth and talking.
    If you don't change then she'll be walking,
    Away from you and all of your lying,
    And then it'll be too late for trying.
    Goodbye my friend, hope you will see,
    You need to change for her and me.