• I have many,
    Loving friends. smile
    Most may be guys,
    But they are like family. whee

    An awesome guy. surprised
    He understands you,
    And doesn't judge you for you. razz

    She's a down to earth girl. 4laugh
    She helps me through tough times,
    No matter what it is. rolleyes

    A really cool guy. cool
    He may get on my nerves, stressed
    But he keeps me going.

    She is a great friend. biggrin
    She has been with me through hard times,
    Even though it has only been a few years. wink

    My cool friend. biggrin
    He is one of the coolest,
    And most creative friends. smile

    And Christian,
    My amazing boyfriend. 4laugh
    He loves me for me,
    And doesn't try to change me. 3nodding

    Thanks guys,
    For all your support. blaugh
    Your care, understanding, friendship,
    And most of all, LOVE! heart