• I've never felt so empty cry in my whole entire life,
    I thought I needed someone to laugh rofl ,to dream rolleyes and cry crying ,
    It was far off impossibe, needing someone like this confused ,
    I just realized,half of my Life, I've already missed gonk .

    I'm longing to be in someone's arms,who'll hurt me,only to teach me right from wrong,
    who'll reject me,only to accept me when I'm real,ready anD strong,
    who'll ditch me from fantasies,only to bring me back to reality,
    who'll be insensitive enough,only to endure all the pain I am to inflict unknowingly.

    I'll be waiting,though this search may take long,
    For forever shall be nothing,compared to the feel of your loving arms,
    By then I'll know,I'm home,for it's you where I belong,
    I'll always be safe then,for thy love is my haven,away from harm.