• In the dark she stood
    Looking for the soul that she lost
    Around and around she looked
    But she couldn’t find it
    Was it gone?
    Was she died?
    Did she become a Vampire?
    The question she can’t answer
    She looks for her loves soul
    But she can’t see it
    Her soul is what she wants
    But will she ever find it

    She will look for it all over the world if she has to
    But no matter what she does
    She will never find her soul
    It will flee when it sense her presents
    For she was the reason for many deaths
    Those deaths tortured the soul
    It will never let her find it
    She may look for her soul
    But the angel will protect the soul
    The angels will send her dames
    To show her how painful death can be
    The soul will be free
    Free for the pain that hunts it
    Till then my dear soul
    She called before the devils swept all of the life she had left
    She was gone for good
    The devils jumped in joy that was a life they will never taste again....