• Sitting in a corner
    staring at a wall
    Trapped inside this box
    All alone, in the dark
    Sadness grips me
    loneliness chokes me
    stress is crushing down
    gasping for breath
    Air is growing thinner
    light headed
    I'm afraid of it
    Its coming closer
    step by step
    inch by inch
    I'm cornered
    With bright blood lust eyes
    Yellow flesh ripping teeth
    My anger is coming
    I fear for all
    No more control
    Closer still it comes
    Almost here
    Dizziness ensues
    Its taking over
    Eating my soul
    I'm dead to the world
    The monster lives on
    Using my body
    Taking revenge on all
    Who angered me
    Tricking all into believing
    That it is me
    Acting as if we are one
    A voice whispers
    You and I are the same
    Shaking my head
    Its talking to me
    No, I'm just imagining it
    I'm stuck in a dream
    Wrong a nightmare
    I am a puppet
    Anger the marionette
    Pulling the strings
    Making the moves
    I'm just a shadow
    Dancing on stage
    O exist, but yet i don't
    Anger wears my face
    Like a mask
    Just like Halloween
    Trick or Treat
    Knife in hand
    Answer the door
    Slash your dead
    Fear for your life
    No control
    I'm no longer me
    In the shadow of my anger