• True Love

    I thought I could never love like this again
    I thought my life was to be lived without
    True Love

    I know the feeling... Have known it for some time
    The feeling of unmistakable joy
    The feeling of being part of someone
    Never being lonely for in my heart there's always two
    Me... and You

    You take away all my sorrows
    You make my pain seem small and insignificant
    You came into my life and made it pure
    Without you, would my life be the same as before?
    Or have you changed it forever?

    I thank you for showing me True Love
    For proving that there is such a thing
    As a second chance - Even in love
    I thank God for bringing us together
    If it was He who did it?
    I wish I knew the answer to that
    To all the great questions in time
    But though I don't know much
    I know this: True Love is real
    And I do truly Love You