• He's like the moon to me, recently he rarely show.
    I have spent so many nights, sitting here alone.
    Without the moon the nights are dark.
    Even with the stars to claim their mark.

    It's not the same without the moon's light.
    The stars may shine, but they're not as bright.
    The moon is so captivating and beautiful up in the sky.
    It's relaxing and peaceful, so much so i could sigh.

    Oh the harvest moon, now that's a sight to see.
    So full and orange, it shows happiness to me.
    But here I sit on another moonless night.
    I'm scared to know that something is not right.

    My moon has now confirmed my fears.
    And simple says he will never be near.
    My moonless nights shall carry on.
    For the moon I loved is now gone.

    The moon i love up in the sky.
    Has said his last brief goodbye.
    Now that I know my moon is gone.
    My heart can heal and time move on.