• Boy:
    Hey dad!
    I don't know what to do,
    please tell me,
    where are you?
    Please stay here,
    don't let us alone!
    Oh, it's too late,
    because now you're gone.

    Please, stop!
    Now he's gone,
    live your life and remember:
    "You're not alone!"

    You have no rights
    to tell me this,
    because you don't know
    what this feeling is.

    You're right,
    I know nothing,
    but please,
    let me tell you something.
    Losing yourself
    is a thing you shouldn't do.
    If yes,
    what will happen to your mum
    and the others that love you?
    So, be happy,
    continue your life,
    don't lose yourself.
    Just: BE ALIVE.