• Why so____ numb?

    Can you give me one last chance?___

    To find out what I'm supposed to do--__

    I've lost my self!

    In my own darkness!

    I pray for you prodigies!

    I'll never be the same!

    One more chance!

    One last opportunity

    One more chance to save myself! From the evil inside______!

    One last chance!

    To save myself

    You build you future on my broken dreams and hopes___

    You know what?….YOU suck!



    One more chance one last opportunity

    To change my self to what im spose to be___ One last chance to save myself <pause> from the horrors of the next world

    Life my ….love….its never fair!

    One last chance to show me the way___________ to freedom____


    Darkness is surrounding me I lay in my bed surrounded by thoughts of you your so memorizing so beautiful to me…

    Angles tears fall from the sky.


    This terrible darkness has taken my life.. taken my soul ...taken my love...and taken my reason for living among you----____

    One last chance to save myself

    To save my life__

    From the evil inside….

    This is my last chance to show you how much I lov-