• Closed my eyes,
    Didn't breath,
    Oh god please,
    Don't find me.

    I hid myself well,
    Concealed from you,
    Now you can't find me,
    There's NOTHING you can do.

    You no longer can hit me,
    Kick at me, scream,
    Daddy stop with the drinking,
    You know what I mean.

    Mommy left us,
    You see what you've done?
    You threatened her harshly,
    And now she's gone, gone, gone.

    I miss her a lot,
    I cry every night,
    But you don't care, daddy,
    All you do is fight.

    You broke my arm yesterday,
    You snapped my heart too,
    I loved you so much,
    Now I'm scared through and through.

    I hear your footsteps coming,
    You're finally in this room,
    I squeezed my eyes shut,
    Awaiting the doom.

    You shout my name loudly,
    Kick a few walls,
    Come near my spot,
    Making my skin crawl.

    So I... closed my eyes,
    I didn't breath,
    Hoping, daddy, please,
    Don't ever find me.