• The strongest love.

    There was a girl named Dove,
    her heart was full of ice,
    She stole the only gem.
    and was chased like a hen,
    they caught her beet her and left her to die.

    There was a man named Alfred,
    he had a heart of gold,
    he walked along the path,
    looking and thinking half,
    he saw a girl dying and running,
    he took her to his hut,
    a small silent hut,
    she got better then they loved each other,
    a love without lies or ties,
    with endless caring,
    The love strongest of all,
    with the hearts of Alfred and Dove.

    A love that would never end,
    you think would not exist,
    but there was one love,
    and it was the love of Alfred and Dove.

    Their loved lasted forever,
    in the hut they were immortal,
    by the perfect balance of two hearts,
    and so was the love of Alfred and Dove.