• Will there ever be an end to what you bring to the table?
    Is there still more blindness? Curiosity? Fear?
    Can you not see me yet?
    Am I still a shadow in your eyes?

    I am now the one running away,
    Not from you, but from time.
    I am racing against the hill with breezes that push me back.
    I want to run away from the times of our friendship.
    Too much drama.
    Too much crud.
    The friendship is the drama, I am the crud.
    No more hardships to make this still-breathing heart of our friendship breathe once again.
    The crud I bring to the table, no more.
    The laughs, everything, I will soon forget.
    From now on,
    I hope to see us not as friends,
    But as classmates.
    Whatever is to occur,
    Our friendship will never break,
    Because it is not there.
    Yes, time goes by slowly,
    But the single beat of my heart can last forever.
    In my mind.
    In my heart.
    In my soul.
    In me.
    No more will I have to get up in the morning thinking about the friend I had,
    I will get up in the morning thinking of my own real troubles.
    This friendship was an obstacle.
    No friendships are perfect.
    Some leave you,
    And some leave your heart.
    As I am writing this poem,
    I am saddened,
    Yet relieved.
    This is it.
    This is from me,
    To you…

    II Rawr II Rawr II [Rae]