• Today is the day we've all been dreamin'
    Running around, our voices screamin'.
    Hands in the air, we shout to the sky.
    If you don't dream big, your dreams are not high.

    So what's the point of all the thunder,
    Making its way from a land down under?
    When dreams are small, they are merely benign.
    How could something so harmless compare to mine?

    If you want to dream big, forget all the small.
    Dream the impossible. Dream of it all.

    When you truly believe you have beaten the crowd,
    Raise up your hands and scream it out loud.
    Run with the others to the ends of the earth,
    Letting your will burn as hot as the hearth.

    When the tides rise and the day reaches end,
    Slow your run to a walk; return home with your kin.
    Go up to your room and lay in your bed,
    Letting your thoughts run astray in your head.

    Close your eyes; let your sleep run deep,
    Preparing you mind for the rewards to reap

    If you don't dream big, what's the use of dreamin'?
    When all of your dreams are not seen by men.