• I've tried so hard.
    I've been so close.
    I've given it all
    And lost what mattered most.

    I can't stop myself
    You can't stop me.
    It's like a disease
    And it poisons me.

    I care too much for my own good.
    I can't stop myself even though I know I should.

    All this love I have
    I need to give it away.
    Keeping it all saved...
    Well it rots me away.

    How can something so pure hurt so much?
    How can all I want be someone elses touch?
    I wish someone would just accept my love.

    I don't care if yours is real.
    I don't care if you fail to feel.
    Just take mine away from me
    Take it please!
    It's free.
    heart heart heart