• I lie in bed..
    I woke up..

    I saw ghosts up into my vision..
    Was I crazy...
    I never bothered to find out...

    So I got out of bed..
    Running like hell
    I finally wake up in a cemetery..

    Standing in fear...
    Then... im back in my room....

    It wasent a dream..
    Its me.. my mental problems.
    Im going.. driving to therapy

    Killing the road getting chased by cops..
    Nothing could stop me
    I got there.. I slammed the door

    I told him I had visions..
    He told me im psycho
    I tried to tell him but he never listened

    So I lied in bed... but not sobbing..
    Not feeling anything...
    Nothing but sorrow..

    Trieing not to stab myself...
    Its all thats mattering..
    Thats all..