• The ocean greeted me as I stood on its shore,
    my feet lapped by its salty ripples,
    my eyes staring out over its depths.
    Rainy skies had come again, leaving naught to be reflected
    but clouds and crystalline rain drops,
    melting into the briny aquamarine.
    Horizon and wave met and merged,
    an impossible distinction.
    I felt as if I could sail off the edge of the waves,
    off the edge of the world,
    if I only had a vessel.
    Shipless, boatless, hopeless but dreaming,
    I stood in the rain,
    forgetting the passage of time,
    watching the friendly undulations of the waves call me,
    beckon with the flick of a watery hand,
    flecked with white froth,
    waving from the distant horizon,
    from where it sailed on forever.