• For all those who have had heard their bell toll
    for all who have had their heads roll
    for all who are maimed, or forsaken
    for all whose lives have been taken

    I feel your pain; but mine is not of the flesh
    War has killed many, my disease has killed the rest
    My didease is love, and many cruel jokes it has played
    It has left many broken, and dismayed

    It rips at my heart; it claws at my soul
    Leaving me feeling empty, alone, and so cold
    Forevr in pain, losing my touch
    Teirs a hole in my chest; it hurts way too much

    Losing my mind; sanity weak
    Death closing in; Im starting to freak
    Always alone; dying inside
    But I still see you behind closed eyes

    All I can turn to is trouble; is strife
    Love is the pioson of my bloody life

    Why did you leave me? Leave me to choke
    Is this some kind of cruel, sick joke
    If you wished to hurt me, your wish came true
    Congratulations: my face is blue

    I want to hate you, forevr and always
    But I love you, let me count the ways

    How evrything brightens when you enter a room
    How you make me smile, even when my wrist drips bloody doom
    How your eyes sparkle, when you laugh or you cry
    And when I look at you, my demons die inside

    How u accept what I am and what Im not
    And wait, one more thing, I almost forgot

    How you left me to BLEED, how you ripped up my heart
    How you left me to DIE, to SOB IN THE DARK
    Heavens above, youve caused me much pain
    But think about this: What have you gained?

    What have you gained by killing me like this
    You left my heart a bloody abyss
    You have hurt a friend, is that wat you want
    If you didnt, well, its too late
    If you want to undo it, well, you cant

    If you wanted to hurt me, youve got a sick mind
    To think I thought you were so kind
    But, thats fine, this world was built upon lies
    So do me a favor, and take a shot of poison, my love
    And meet me in hell after you die