• Every time that you close your eyes
    is another second that I cry
    Don't turn your back on me and ignore my existence

    Here I am at my window fogging up the glass with my sighs
    trying so hard to except your lie
    your never going to see your true feelings and drop your risitance

    Please don't cut our ties
    Don't turn and run

    My love for you is as constant
    as the rising of the sun

    turn around and look
    because even if i've given you a thousand trys
    I'll always give you one more
    I'll give you as many as you need
    until we get one right

    Its memories of all the people that we meet that makes us up
    were made into who we are

    I want to help make who you are
    so don't block out my word
    don't erase my face
    And don't you dare leave your true feelings in the dust were you've left me. stressed