• Dance, a romance of man and stance.

    A set of steps that best express the warm caress of a moving song.

    A balance along the beam between freedom and quality to bring about physical musicality.

    The visual oration of feelings in tempo, dealings in the desires of fires unbound inside. The distance from This to Bliss measured in counts of 4, the music's score displayed live and directly to the floor.

    The training of the limbs that create internal calligraphy, written in the air, inked in the soul. An absence of afflictions that will always abound, a subtle addiction to every sound, a buzz that lasts longer than your stamina.

    In fullness, the essentials of humanity's biography written in full-song choreography. The heart of me to be itself in integrity for all to see in this age of stage and lights. Effects and fog fade with vexation while I become the consumption of sight. The warmth of the bright spot light draws the dot to the center.

    Twists and turns are the methods in learning to cope with hopes unproven, a lesson in blessing untested, a patience while waiting in tainted spaces. I lift my arms, take a step...

    Then elevate.