• Everyone has a soul mate
    Someone that they were destined to be with
    But what happens when a soul mate is rejected?
    The poison is born in that person.

    Only men suffer the poison
    For they have far more emotions
    But cannot express, so instead
    Bottle them up; seal them away from the world

    And when they are rejected by their soul mate
    They are no longer needed
    So these emotions transform into the worst poison
    Poison of the heart

    This poison doesn’t stop you breathing
    You won’t black out
    It won’t cause a deadly cancer
    It’ll stop your heart instead

    You can feel it causing through your veins
    You can feel your heart dieing
    You see your soul mate with someone else
    And you hear the voice.

    The poison whispers in you mind
    You can’s block it out
    You can’t stop it
    It’ll just shout louder

    You are now dead
    You heart is black and long stopped beating
    But the poison keeps your blood flowing
    It controls you

    It’s too late
    Not that there was ever a cure
    The only cure is to get together with your soul mate
    And she’s happy with someone else

    The voice screams in your head
    The sanest of men lose their minds
    You start to listen
    And do as the voice tells you to

    The last thing you hear is the voice
    And the crack of the rope round your neck
    Or the zing of the knife against or wrist
    Or even the bullet piercing your skull

    It’s too late, your landlord finds you
    Lying in a pool of black blood
    The look of sorrow on your face says everything
    The poison strikes again