• My Dog.. had you..I picked you up my little one,

    you were so small I named you Pip

    You were my only friend FROM THAT DAY ON!

    You were my...

    Guardian Angeell

    you watched over me everyday... BUT NOW I...

    I call your name,

    But I dont hear your respond

    And you dont see the Tears I cry,

    You were my only friend

    you were my little annngel but where have you gone?

    I looked all over the neighborhoood but you were not found HOW COULD YOU?

    I thought you, were very best friend but why are gone now..?

    We put up posters we called your name I would do anything for you...


    Why? I cry so much.. where have you gone? where are you? im dying to know.. Will I ever find you one day?

    [CHOURUS] x3

    where are you... where have you gone..im dying to know..do you not like me anymore?