• It falls,slowly annonemusly
    Through the night. Not knowing
    when it'll stop. The bears
    sleep soundlessly in their
    caves, bellys full, cave dark.

    The deer sleep huddled together,
    sheilding themselves as best they can.
    When morning comes it is still falling.
    As the deer awaken they search for
    food. The bark on the trees has almost
    grown fully solid and there is no grass.

    The bear still sleeps on through the
    long winter nights and days.
    The deer will wonder and roam for
    food, now fearing of another preditor.
    The cold wind nips at the children's skin
    as they run through the hardned snow.

    Its time again to stick out your tounge
    and catch all the tiny ice crystals that
    fall from the sky. Its time again for the
    bear to sleep, the deer to wonder
    and the children to play.