• Its jacey/Mr.this is for the ladies/dr.Hating/Eveyones relating
    I'm jacey/Im so crazy/but only to crazy/people who made me

    I like what I do and I do what I like/
    but I'm only here to try ta stop the fight/
    You really know me/ then you show me/
    yeah thats right but you cant/
    so I I'll stand here and Ill rave and I rant/
    and I tell it like it is/I do it for the kids/
    Parents are just to jealous they didnt/
    hear this when vanilla ice tried to spit it/
    so tell me if I'm loved by women/
    why would I need a second opinion/
    is this a family cd or will it say parental guidance/
    that depends if your ok with drugs and violence/
    is it hard tryin to act like you dont like my music/
    if you got somethin to say then just do it/

    I dont give a crap/never takt it back/
    a whold lot of people have said it/
    but when I said it it because I meant it/
    but I'd never hurt someone I cared about/
    couldnt care less about you so dont doubt
    me when I tell you I couldnt care less
    what you think next verse ready set...

    Here it is Next verse/worse than the first/
    thought the last one was bad then this is gonna hurt/
    so tell me what you wanna hear me say/
    and Ill decide if its good or if its flat out gay/
    Tell me what you think about my lyrics/
    and I'll just tell you that I dont wanna hear it/
    my rhymes are for me an only me/
    hip hops what I eat sleep and breath/

    Yeah so my appologies/
    to anyone who plans on stoping me/


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