• Why does the world spin 'round,
    Why is love sleeping a sound

    While I lay on a sidewalk
    Staring into space

    Waiting for you to wake up from your gentle loving slumber
    And open your eyes to the vicious hate of reality

    You are just a child
    Although you are more aged than me

    You are stubborn
    You won't stop dreaming

    I know you need your sleep
    But my screams peirce the night

    As war roars on
    And death rages on

    You do not wake up.
    So why do you sleep, when I'm a washed by the tidal wave?

    By the flames?
    By the blood?

    No, its because you are weak
    And I am strong.

    I am not stupid
    You are

    I'm just a child
    And you an adult.

    So don't tell me I need my teddy bear, as I walk to war
    And don't tell me its nothing,
    no need to worry.

    Shut up.

    You're crisis is the money
    Mine is the death

    Because children have a 50 foot wall
    And you just have a 5 foot latter

    Which you will not climb a step
    So do not yell at me

    With my eyes a'wide.
    Do not tell me it will be alright.

    When it will not.