• I was once a shattered soul, fighting to live every waking moment, counting the days as they slowly crawled by.

    Never did I experience the joy that surrounded me, for I was too blind to realize it's presence.

    As my sorry excuse of a life trudged on, I came to know the all too real sense of pain that came with it.

    Rejection...Hatred....Sorrow....all becoming more and more a part of my reality.

    No longer able to bare this torture...I created my own world, one that only I could find, my release from my prison called reality.

    There, the girl I loved never would reject me, and never again would I endure the eternal sorrow of rejection. Never again would I sit in fear, constantly assuming that everyone hated me...for here....here I was loved, and every day, I seemed to remain here longer.

    I would die to stay here forever.....

    My senses blurred, all that I could see, hear, and feel was what I wished to be so....yet...for some reason...in my realm of happiness...it rained....and it felt like...like tears. Yet...why would tears be here....was this not my escape from sorrow?

    *As the tear splashes on his face, the coffin is closed, and a few moments later is buried, the epitaph reads.."My Escape..."*