• friends from the start,
    inseparable from birth,
    together we played,
    in the village we lived,
    with many others we could play,
    but it was not for us,
    we were different,
    we had talents,
    talents of a dangerous sort,
    the elder knew,
    and raised us he did,
    but the same talents they were not,
    he could use the earth as his plaything,
    he could become the best druid,
    the sort of legends,
    but this is where we say good bye my friend,
    my path lies not with yours ,
    for many years the trained me,
    apart from my near brother,
    my path conflicted in myself,
    to play with the dead i was destined,
    at the same time the power of light called,
    learned to control both was necessary,
    the corruption of such power was to great,
    year by year i grew into madness,
    with my magics i grew to be undieing,
    much havoc i brought,
    my teachers tried to stop me,
    but as a pawn has lost its use,
    so i did do away with them,
    many years this continued,
    bringing havoc to the world of the living,
    brought it i did,
    from the world of the dead,
    one fateful day,
    a day most grim,
    the clouds so thick around us,
    the skies themselves were crying,
    they cried because it was a fight,
    a fight between ones who were once so close,
    my near brother stood before me,
    "many years it has been,
    why do you do this?",
    he said,
    my twisted mind had had years to play with this thought,
    "you abandoned me,
    you abandoned me brother!"
    i yelled with a force,
    with this my hand was raised,
    and from the ground came my army,
    with there emergence he waved his hand,
    my army fell,
    "you know you cant fight with something against nature,
    for mine is such the power"
    he said,
    with this i raised my other hand,
    "i call forth the powers of light to bind him with all that he is,"
    again he raised his hand,
    flicking it just so,
    flames enveloped him,
    from everywhere his voice came,
    "you know you cannot kill me with such weak efforts"
    with but a twitch of my finger a death slave came from beneath him,
    beneath him in his cocoon of fire,
    up the sword did go,
    through my dear brothers heart it did pierce,
    the flames disappeared,
    as he fell to the ground,
    just barly heard with the effects of his spell,
    "im sorry,
    im sorry i have failed you brother,"
    with this my mind snapped into place,
    what had i done,
    what was i doing,
    with what magic i had left,
    summoned all the light around,
    manipulated and condensed it to spears of light,
    coming at me from all directions,
    the last thing i could think clearly,
    'how ironic,
    that in the end it should be mine own manipulation that would end me'
    and with that i was a pincushion for the giant needles of light,
    "goodbye brother"