• why dont you come and show me what life is about
    cause i cant decide
    is it love or happiness
    im in lack of both
    but at the same time
    i feel both so ravenousely
    incapable of stopping
    have you ever felt this
    when you love someone
    who just doesnt understand why or how

    why dont you show me how you feel
    show me what you want
    i hope that i am it
    but i doubt it
    do you understand what i feel
    like im a question without answers
    exept i have an estimate of the sum:

    why didnt i tell you earlier
    i like you
    i love you
    im so in depth
    smothered in fog, just seeing the sun for teh first time
    you've encouraged my to open my eyes, waking up
    why dont you love me back... or do you already?
    im calling you, asking you
    why dont you understand
    you're my inspiration