• There is soo much about me,
    that the world never sees.
    I am one orignal girl,
    treat me like trash...leave me be.

    I can be crazy,
    and fun at the different at times.
    Or keep to myself,
    and write these poems and lines.

    I can't live without chocolate,
    give me Reese's, I'll be your new best friend.
    And always take my word for it,
    it's ALWAYS friends to the end.

    I love my life,
    but theres is something I still need.
    It's one little thing I dream about,
    or about something i read.

    Music is my boyfriend,
    and my friends are my life.
    I would do anything for them,
    even possibly be their wife. mrgreen

    This isn't much about me,
    but here is just a start to see.
    While you read this poem,
    You'll learn more and more about me.

    aka deadly heart