• I am a prisoner
    Clink Clang goes my chains
    As I pace in this nothingless room
    I am trapped in here like a bird in a cage
    I will probably never get out
    What got me Locked in here
    Is his charm
    How his eyes are diamonds in the sunlight
    And how he has hair of chocolate
    Dark chocolate
    He also has little bits of dirt everywhere
    They are just his freckles
    And he is short
    But has a big heart
    That is why i am stuck in here
    Behind a heart shaped lock and key
    Don't be my knight in shing armor
    and sweep me off my feet
    I have to be here
    And be with his heart
    I have to be here
    In this Petrified Poor Prison
    Because when I'm his prisoner
    I'm content