• The rise and fall of your chest is proof you’re still alive,
    The rush of cold air forces in for you to survive.
    Is this really worth your last breathes to sacrifice?
    Is this what you wanted? Is this precise?

    When you can’t see a thing you have nothing.
    But to believe what you’re told, ever frightening.
    Can’t you see, she’s killing you?!
    We’re selfish people, there's never room for two.

    Who are you? Are you talking to me?
    She told me she was setting me free.
    Take me from this darkness,
    Away from this numbing blindness.

    Ah yes...but is that really true?
    How can you trust anyone but you?
    Could she really be after your heart?
    Have you fallen for her skillful art?

    HAHAHA! I laugh at your ignorance.
    I see now you need to be convinced.
    Your naïve hopes are wasted indefinitely,
    As you are very slowly suffocating.

    She’ll drink all you have and leave you a dry well.
    You’ll stand by helpless as her power swells.
    Don’t you smile and shake your head.
    Cant you tell you’re being mislead?

    HAHAHA! Now it is I who laughs at your twisted lies.
    It’s you I find to be the one who defies.
    You the king of thievery,
    When last we met you’re the one who blinded me!

    I’d be a fool to once again believe your deceit.
    Crippled after you hail my defeat.
    You hint at us as we climb ever so higher.
    But the more altitude we gain the more I desire.

    I recognize the tone in your voice,
    As you try to dilute my dearest choice.
    You want to shoot me down to watch me bleed.
    But I tell you this, you wont succeed.

    Like a dirty priest your intentions are impure to the core
    Your filthy desires kept behind a closed door.
    But this nightingale’s voice has led me away
    From the world you have thrown in disarray.

    Nevermore I’ll be tempted by safety in solitude.
    Her words are sweet, your song is crude.
    Her voice I’ll forever blindly follow.
    Your wicked tongue, I’ll make you swallow.