• What gives you the right to judge me by the color of my skin?
    The pigment of my eyes?
    The texture of my skin?
    Thats right you have no right.
    From day to dawn and night to day you will realize that you have no right
    and that two in the same we are just alike.
    You with your fancy clothes and me with my average wear
    are the same!
    We where created under one God and one life that shoes the province.
    You where made from the same dust i was and will be judged by the same person i will be judged by.
    But yet you still don't get it.
    Sticks and stones may break my bones but your cruel and un heartend words
    will never hurt me.
    Yet you still dont get it.
    You must realize like i have that i got to realize that i am worth saving and it will stop.
    But when will you realize that i have moved on from your cruel words and nasty gestures. But Ha thats okay becuase in the end of the day
    Your words will pay and you will be the one
    taken advantage of.