• I sit on the couch beside you,
    sipping my hot coacoa,
    And watching the news on T.V,
    While you stare at my face,
    And try to get my attention.
    Your hand slips into mine,
    Definetly getting my attention,
    I look at you,
    You smile at me making my heart flutter,
    And I could feel my cheeks get red,
    I moved my head to the side,
    Thinking why i had done that,
    Acting all retarded near my love,
    You squeezed my hand,
    And grabbed my chin with your free hand,
    You leaned in very slowly,
    Keeping eye contact with me,
    You placed your oh so succulent lips onto mine,
    They were soft like silk,
    The feeling I had inside me at that moment,
    Made me want more,
    So, I rapped my arms around your neck,
    And placed my body closer to yours,
    I molded my body to yours and never wanted to leave that moment,
    Your lips left mine and we both were out of breath.
    "You are my love and that’s never going to change."
    You kissed me,
    Then as soon as it started,
    You put so much desire in it,
    I almost fell over,
    My Tung touched yours and i could feel u smile,
    You put your hands behind my head,
    And like a sudden reaction,
    My hands flung up and clung to the back of your neck,
    I removed my lips from yours,
    "If you never leave me i will always be there for you."
    I smiled and placed my head onto his chest,
    Your warmth soothed me,
    So I kissed his chest then suddenly i was really sleepy,
    I guess you noticed because he picked me up and brought me to the bed room.
    "Love You Forever." heart