• Love,
    A common fanomonon,
    In all universes,
    We humans fall for it everyday,
    And think it is the best,
    The best thing we have ever exsperienced,
    Even if you do fall out of love,
    there is always someone else,
    Out there to fall back in love with,
    We keep faith on that one thought,
    To get us through our days,
    Of emotion,
    And overwhelming tragedy's.
    Not only humans fall in love though,
    Animals do too,
    They have their own kind of calls,
    For their mate to know where to find them,
    So they can be with eachother,
    And like us,
    They either stay with them,
    Or they leave,
    But definetly a sudden leave,
    They go through emotional breakdowns,
    When their mate,
    Or for us Boy/Girl friend,
    Breaks up with them,
    We cry and sorrow,
    To make the pain go away,
    But sometimes it never does,
    It stay's hidden in your heart,
    Like you lost the key to let it out,
    And it just kills you,
    That the love you gave someone,
    And the love they gave you,
    Is still there tormenting you,
    Not letting you forget their face,
    Or the good memory's we had together.
    This love you had,
    Make's you beleive their is no other person out their for you,
    And that you ar ebound in the world of lonlyness,
    Forever not wnating,
    Not letting anyone else hurt you,
    The way they did,
    You don't want to feel this way,
    And you are sure wanting to fall in love again,
    But if you are still urting over your last love,
    And you feel like your weak,
    Not blocking the memory's,
    Not Forgetting the way they held you,
    Or the way you always looked at eachother,
    And their beautiful face,
    This kind of feeling,
    Means you actually thought it wsa true love,
    And nothing else could be,
    But when you stop to think about the possibility,
    That their is someone out their,
    That really cares for you,
    And will stop at nothing to show u ezactly that,
    You start to wonder,
    Could this be what a new beggining is,
    A chance to start over?
    Take that chance,
    And the love your partner gives you,
    Never through it away,
    But keep it in your heart,
    So that you know,
    Others peoples care about you,
    And do not wish you to feel pain any longer.