• You are there for me,
    I am there for you,
    Thats how it will be,
    Even when things are new.
    Time may go on and our spirits may wear,
    But to you I shall promise...
    I will always be there.

    When your cheeks are wet,
    Whe he or she has gone.
    I promise I will listen to your regret.
    Ill be there to help you along.
    You mean so much to me,
    We even have maching thongs!

    You support me always,
    What ever I do.
    When I need gidence,
    I turn to you.
    Sometime your blind to the things that matter,
    But I don't judge if you are in love.

    I always needed some kind guide.
    You always needed a hand.
    For this long ride,
    That people call life,
    Together we always will stand.