• Start walking with your shadow,

    Stop fighting with your thoughts,

    Stop forgetting all the lies,

    Stop remenising the short smiles,

    Stop being angry with the sight of the mirror,

    Yet no longer afraid to be in the dark,

    Start understanding true life,

    Start grasping for a chance,

    Stop breathing in the fumes,

    Stop drinking in the posion,

    Start knowing that it hurts you,

    Yet you choose to be blind,

    stop being away from the line,

    Stop what the peers seem to say,

    Trust your own thoughts,

    Stop Pretending to be bad,

    Begin to show respect,

    Begin to start over,

    Begin seeing everything like if it was the first time,

    Begin reading lips as people begin to talk,

    Begin to thank again,

    start being you.