• I stare blankly at him, my heart pounding.
    All i want to do is admit my feelings, but he won't listen.
    He is much older.
    My heart pounds in my chest, threatening the life it belongs to.
    I want to scream "I love you, cant you see? Are you blind do you not see my feelings, can you no longer sense the aura that my love creates? Do you even remeber me? Do you?" But the words won't surrender to my heart.
    Why won't he listen? Why won't he hear my pleads.
    My heart is drenched in sorrow, my eyes wet with tears.
    I know he loves somebody else, but I can't stop my pleading for love.
    My lips remain shut, my tounge tied. I know if i trie to speak it will be slurred.
    So I watch from afar. The love of my life slipping from my fingers. My once best friend pulling away from me. The threads in my heart are falling out.
    I'm falling apart. Dieing because I do not know love. I do not know the emotions people around me can experience. I'm nothing but matter. Not livving nor dead. I just take up space. Is it worth killing myself. It seems as if I have no life to be shortened.
    I ask myself Why over and over, but i get no answer. My heart broken in two, my pain and misery is all I have left.
    I have nothing. Nothing to live nor to die for. No purpose. NO feelings. No emothions to share. I have no love, no feelings for him any longer.
    But I lie. I do love him. But he is with them. He is with her. He can laugh and live on.
    What do I do? WHy was I born?
    Why? WHY? it doesn't add up.