• Do you really love me?
    I ask this question because I can't see,
    If you do love me or your just playing,
    For my heart is not a toy, so quit procrastinating!
    Do I really feel your love?
    I don't know.
    when you give me a hug,
    I feel cold like a bug under my rug.
    When you give me a kiss,
    It's like a curse on my lips:
    Bitter and tasteless.
    So I say that it's over, we move on.
    To see other people who we could really love.
    My next love will make my heart stop and skip a beat,
    And make me not wonder if she really does love me.
    I move without rest in my seat,
    Whenever she is near or when we meet,
    Her kisses would be so sweet.
    I can't wait just to sweep her off her feet!
    I will stand by her side and take my shield in my hand.
    For when ever she is in trouble I am not afraid of a fight, I'll take a last stand.
    I am a knight and I am loyal to my love.
    Never again will I say;
    Do you really love me?