• An Old Dog's Love

    I am alone your canine friend,
    You mean the world to this old dog,
    To see you cry just breaks my heart,
    And when you're hurt, I want to die.

    It's been so long, and now it's time,
    I want to tell you how I feel,
    Wishing you could understand,
    How much I'd give to earn your praise.

    I've spent my days all on my own,
    You brought me here, and then you left,
    Locked away inside this cage,
    Or tied outside to that old post.

    The time without you tears at me,
    And when I see you walking past,
    I leap, and run, and shout for joy,
    Hoping you will look my way.

    But all my efforts go to waste,
    When you ignore and walk away,
    Or shout in rage to silence me,
    And here I'm left so crestfallen.

    But you should know, I hold no grudge,
    I only wait for you right here,
    Those moments that you give to me,
    I want to show you all my love.

    Oh how I love you, dearest one,
    You are my master, whom I seek,
    Your praise, your joy, your peace of mind,
    My love for you will never die.

    For though I've aged now through my years,
    And lie here dying all alone,
    For though you've left me, unaware,
    My love for you remains the same.

    You know not how it'd make me glad,
    To see your face for one last time,
    You may abuse me, push me down,
    But seeing you is all I wish.

    Although I know you have no time,
    This still I crave so selfishly,
    I lay here staring at your home,
    Waiting for your last farewell.

    And as I grow so weak and still,
    Tears run down these ragged cheeks,
    For now I see you don't return,
    And my heart breaks as I'm alone,

    But don't be sad when I am gone,
    Just know that I hold you no grudge,
    And though I lay here at my death,
    Please be happy, my dear master.

    I love you more than life itself,
    I love you, always, forever more...