• His Dreamy Illusion

    The clock chimed the midnight hour
    He remained beside her
    Lost in her relentless power
    In the end they'd pay for their sin
    With her seductive charm
    He always gave in

    His fierce eyes
    Eager for more
    She directed him to the second floor
    His teeth chattered with anticipation
    How he loved her wonderful sensation

    The purple night sky now turned to grey
    He gazed out the window
    It was the start of a new day
    He looked down at her sleeping face
    Slowly he fell from grace

    Her eyes flickered open
    Their color a powder blue
    He gave her a sad smile
    For she'd be leaving soon

    A tear slid down her face
    At night is when she dwelled
    During the day she had no place
    From a dream they quickly fell

    Time ran short
    She began to cry
    He kissed her cheek
    His knees became weak

    An alarm sounded
    They looked to the sky
    She then began to vanish
    She waved good-bye

    He opened his eyes and
    Began to cry
    His memories of her
    Would never die

    He rolled to his side
    Thought quietly to his-self
    He forced a smile
    "I'll be seeing you again my love,
    For you are my best illusion."