• In drops of what is and what isn't the one who stands within the light
    is the one who stands without the love

    For those whom seek the worth of the emotion of the passion of another
    are those whom seek the torment of the emotion of the dreams through others.

    Now reason with me...

    In this the story of the passion of the possession in the heart of the time, as the moment be so aligned with the reason of the truth and within that be the moment still unnoticed to show the world you cared but was thrown to the wolves and within that the words was the reason the sadness was the person and the being was the heart.
    Within that you shall see it the moment to die
    Within this you shall not be upon it the moment to live
    Within time and present future amongst past the world shown truth to this of
    reasons pure in Darkness and in Darkness one in Solitude with no light to shine...