• As I walked past the forest fair,
    And I breathed in the florid air,
    They spoke to me, my senses touch,
    Whisp'ring dreams of joy and such,
    Carrying the sun on top of their backs,
    The glistening radiance calls to relax,

    I drift along the day so sweet,
    Their brown-earth roots under my feet,
    Guiding my eyes to skies above,
    rests in their bough a wondrous dove,
    The ants dance merry jubilee,
    Atop the ethereal wooded sea,

    Flowers bloom in summer's arm,
    In captivation, my mind they charm,
    beautiful sprites dance on the ground,
    This treasure trove of nature found,
    I stare in wonder and disbelief,
    At this warming soul of respite relief.