• The music was just right,
    your dress sparkled in the colorful light.
    All my friends told me to go,
    yet, it seems I was too slow.
    Each time I came up with the courage to ask,
    my face became a fearful mask.
    What would I do if you said no?
    If it were so, where would I go?

    As the dance began to near it's end,
    my heart had begun to bend.
    It yearned to go and take your hand,
    and dance to the music of the band.
    How ironic, what next did occur,
    as I try to recall, it seems a blur.
    When you walked over, and asked to dance,
    yes, finally, here was my chance!

    We dance and danced for what seemed the whole night,
    as your dress sparkled so brightly in the glittering light.
    and once more, the music was just right,
    as we danced, my heart took flight.
    When the song ended, and you departed,
    I hurt, as my heart contorted.
    Until next year, when my chance might return,
    my heart will continue to unceasingly burn.