• Am I happy?
    I truly can't tell...
    I go through the motions,
    but hadn't I fell?

    Am I deprived?
    The answer is gone...
    I see all this attention,
    but it's not what I want.

    Am I depressed?
    It's so out of reach...
    I haven't moved since then,
    when my sanity was breached.

    Am I a martyr?
    I can no longer ponder...
    I drift in my own 'problems,'
    and ignore those upon her.

    Am I unloved?
    I feel so alone...
    They claim to love me,
    but I'm still just their clone.

    Am I needed?
    I'm not a neccessity...
    No one would die without me,
    now that she doesn't need me.

    Am I unholy?
    Father, I have betrayed...
    For what I have done,
    I deserve to go away.